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How I Lost 40 Pounds And Dramatically Improved My Health!

Steve Spring founder of Live Your Life On Purpose

It started the day after I returned from a trip to South America.

I was so sick that I couldn’t get out of bed. My head was spinning and I couldn’t even sit up in bed. Over the next 24 hours, things continued to go downhill.

Finally, it go so bad that I went to employee health (I work in a local hospital), where they examined me and took samples of every bodily fluid that you can imagine.  “You are going to the ER”, the Nurse Practitioner said to me. “I am not sure what is wrong with you but this is serious!”

A wheelchair materialized out of thin air, and I was whisked away to the ER. I was immediately placed on a bed, connected to an IV, and poked and prodded for what seemed like forever.

Have you ever gotten to the point where you just wanted to be put out of your misery?  That is how I was feeling at that moment.  

After about 6 hours and a couple of IV’s, I was allowed to go home. Over the next couple of weeks I began to heal from my illness, and after about a month I was able to eat real food again.

At my follow-up visit, my doctor gave me some shocking news. I was 40 pounds overweight, my body fat was 32%, my cholesterol was 203, and my glucose was 109.

He said that I needed to make some lifestyle changes quickly or else.  

Maybe you are like me...

You are in your 50’s…

You are overweight...

You have high cholesterol...

You have high blood sugar…

You need to make some lifestyle changes quickly.

What if there was a proven formula that you could follow to make healthy lifestyle changes quickly.

Lose 40 pounds or more: No Problem

Gain lean muscle: Yep

Increased energy: Absolutely

Improved health: Yes

Contrary you what you have been led to believe there programs to help you reach these goals.

Repeatable proven programs. They aren’t complicated, but can be difficult to find with all of the misinformation available today.

Hi, my name is Steve Spring and I am the founder of Live Your Life On Purpose.

At Live Your Life On Purpose we research and test the best programs and supplements and we share the best ones with you.

For example:

During the month of June I heard about the Whole30 Diet. I decided to try the Whole30 as an experiment during the month of July and was able to lose 12 pounds during the month.

In October, I discovered the Renegade Diet. I started my Renegade Diet experiment in November and my body fat is already down to 20%, I have gained lean muscle, and I have more energy and focus.

Over the last year, I have lost a total of 40 pounds. My body fat is down to 20%, my cholesterol is down to 170, my glucose is down to 82, and I have lost 4” around my waist.

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