There are times when I think I’m alone in the world; that I have to face my problems on my own. For the most part that’s true. I come home to a semi-empty apartment. I say that because, well, I have a cat.

I’ve always had this firm belief that my problems are my own and if I have problems so do other people. I feel the last thing someone wants to hear are the problems I’m dealing with. So I basically just keep them to myself as not to be a burden. And usually, I’m the one people come to with the burdens they carry.

This leaves me asking the question If I’m the one everyone comes to with their problems; where do I go with mine?

I have a really hard time letting people in. Sure I’ve been transparent in my previous blogs, but all that is in the past. Once in a while an emotion creeps up from that time, but I can deal with it better now than I could then. But there have been occasions when I did open up to a few people who gave me their advice and support. And some have helped out without even being asked!

Sometimes I still feel as if I’m on an island all alone. And for the most part that’s a pretty accurate description. The only face to face human interaction I have is at my two jobs. And usually, there’s too much going on to be able to stop and say, “Hey, you know what? I’m really going through something today. Can we talk about it?” This is where the advancements in technology come into play. Now, if I’m having a problem I can just send a friend a message via Facebook or text and they, hopefully, will respond.

Remember that question I asked a little while ago? If I’m the one everyone comes to with their problems; where do I go with mine?  Actually, I’ve found that I don’t have to go anywhere. If someone comes to you with a problem they are facing which is similar to yours; pay attention to the advice you give them. You can apply that same advice to the problem YOU’RE facing. I firmly believe that by helping others we, in turn, help ourselves.

I’ve gone through a divorce, heartbreak, death, adoption, and personal setbacks. Because of these circumstances, I CAN help people see that there IS a light at the end of the tunnel and by helping them do that I, in turn, help myself. There are answers out there, but if you’re in the thick of things it’s hard to see them. But if someone comes to you with an almost identical problem; and since you’re on the outside looking in you become more aware of the answer. When you see the answer you’re giving it becomes apparent that you too can use your own advice!

So remember. Even when you think you’re all alone; you’re not. Friends and family are just a phone call or (in my case) a text away. And if you have the opportunity to help someone in need; help them. Because not only will you inevitably help yourself; you just may find you’ve made a new friend too.

Question: What does your support network look like? Comment below.

This is a guest post by Brian Krumme. Brian’s is the author of  The Captains Log, and you can follow him on Facebook or Twitter


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Steve Spring

Steve is the founder of Live Your Life On Purpose, where his goal is to help others transform their health, minds, and relationships. A former management consultant and executive coach, Steve is also a Christ-follower, husband, dad, and entrepreneur who loves his family, friends and helping others live their life on purpose.

  • Ivan Kiyuba says:

    Brother this is incredible to find on the net.

    Many times if you kept out of reach of the ones around you you could think your problems are bigger. When you shared this message my friend you just let off the pressure from me and many others as you will not.

    ” Keeping as an island your surrounded with a sea of problems, but by the mere fact that you have identified them there are solutions present”. By Dr. KIYUBA IVAN – Uganda

    Brian Krumme. just know you have the solutions.

  • David Mike says:

    I struggle with deep relationships. I’ve grown up with no roots, moving most of my life. It’s hard to be intentional. It’s easy to withdraw into oneself. Great post!

  • Aarti Singh says:

    Interesting, ye, my feeling kind of identical to yours.


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