Cozi Changed My Life And It Can Change Yours Too



“As a corporate slave, I like Cozi because [it] syncs with my Outlook calendar, and the sync is under my control. I can have Cozi read only the appointments that keep me away from home in the evenings; my wife doesn’t see the family calendar crowded with my meetings during work hours.”

You’re busy. I get that. If you’re reading this, it’s fair to assume you want to better manage your busy family.

If so, then this is the ideal next step:

Get Cozi For Free Today!

The Top Five Reasons That You Should Be Using Cozi To Manage Your Busy Family:


1. It’s FREE — Cozi is a FREE app that helps you manage your family schedule, organize your shopping lists, manage your to do lists, and and lots more — all in one place.

2. Family Calendar —  Cozi provides a centralized calendar the whole family can access. Get appointment reminders by email, or on your mobile device. Send an agenda for the upcoming week to any family member that you choose. You can also import a Google Calendar or any Internet calendar, or export a read-only view of a family member’s calendar.

3. Shopping Lists — Cozi remembers your grocery and shopping lists so you don’t have to. Your lists are accessible by everyone in the family and from any device. You will never be without your list again

4. To-do Lists — Cozi will track and manage the things that need to get done. Assign a member of the family to a list, or keep a shared to do list everyone can access.

5. Instant Accessibility — Cozi is accessible when you want it and how you want it, because it works on any computer, phone or tablet. It lets you manage everything in one place.

“Cozi has created family-friendly scheduling software that will steer your family in the right direction … Cozi will make sure no Costco run for toilet paper is forgotten and no parent teacher conference is missed (unless you actually prefer it that way).” — USA Today

There’s nothing stationary about your life, so why depend on a family calendar that hangs on a fridge or wall? Cozi keeps activities, appointments, shopping lists, and to do lists in one place everyone in the family can access.

Cozi will save you tedious calendar wrangling, unnecessary trips to the store, countless phone calls, and all sorts of inconveniences associated with managing everyday life the old-fashioned way.

So, what are you waiting for? Get Cozi here. After all, family life shouldn’t be held together with magnets. 

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